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Project Title

Scoping Works for Moodle-Equella plugin

Project Type

Online Application Development


Analyse the functionality of the in-house developed Moodle to Equella plugin and assess the work needed to implement import/export functionality.

Ember platforms were engaged to scope the scale of works needed to add import and exports functionality to an in-house developed Moodle plugin / integration.

A custom Moodle plugin had been developed that seamlessly integrates the universities Pearson Equella solution. The Pearson solution enables Moodle to localise file uploads (learning materials, video's etc) geographically nearer to the users who will download them.

The University approached Ember Platforms to get an idea of the works needed to extend the plugin to enable time / goal based content availability. We were also asked to see what was needed to enable the import and export functions of Moodle for content uploaded through the plugin.

The work culminated in a detailed report aimed at developers explaining the topology of the plugin and the key architectural changes needed to enable the extensions to happen.