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Auto Upload Users

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Moodle Integration


Create a plugin that would automatically synchronise data with the Student record system for account creation, update and removal

The University of Nottingham operate an in-house built student and course records system called SATURN based on Microsoft SQL Server with an ASP front end.

The University decided to dispense with the paid for Blackboard VLE and opt to use the open source Moodle VLE. On the Blackboard system the data for Student starters and leavers were sent to an administrator by email and accounts had to be created, deleted, and updated manually in Blackboard.

Staff at Ember Platforms designed a workflow, plugin, data formats, transfer methods and a schedule to enable the data to be read from the SATURN student system automatically at set times of day. A Moodle plugin was developed (AutoUploadUsers) that would listen for the files to arrive from SATURN and act upon them depending on a strict and lengthy set of business rules.

Ten's of thousands of accounts at a time can now be automatically transferred, sorted, acted upon and reported. The system tracks exactly with the SATURN system, saving 100's of hours in staff time each month.