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Project Title

Upgrade an obsolete version of Moodle

Project Type

Onlone application Development


Upgrade from an obsolete version of Moodle to the current stable release

Stourbridge College was an early adopter of Moodle beginning with version 1.3. Due to the Moodle user base growing rapidly, requests for new features and bug fixes from users that featured in the latest release needed to be addressed.

As with other web platforms Moodle cannot simply be upgraded from version to version in a single jump. As it is not straight forward, an upgrade action plan, and from that a schedule of testing minimizing outage was produced.

After testing the upgrade took the production servers from 1.3 through 3 separate upgrades to version 1.8 (then current stable release). Later, patches were applied to this version to address the latest security exploits and patch features.