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Migrating to Ember

Moving your existing Moodle site to Ember?

We will migrate your Moodle site to our servers, make any necessary domain changes, and upgrade it on our servers as part of the setup!

Project Title

Migrate Moodle to new infrastructure

Project Type

Online application development


Fix a standing issue with the Moodle database that prevented upgrade\migration, migrate Moodle to new infrastructure.

Stourbridge College, after seeing a long period of growth in Moodle user numbers decided the infrastructure (dedicated onsite Red Hat Linux frontend and backend database servers) was to be upgraded.

Staff at Ember Platforms carried out that infrastructure upgrade and were asked to continue the project to fix a standing issue with the Moodle database that prevented any upgrade or movement, and to carry out the actual migration.

After an investigation it was found that an issue with a previous Moodle upgrade had caused the MySQL database to have incorrect character set\ and collation configuration. This had allowed much data to build up in the wrong collation. The entire MySQL configuration was revisited and re-tested, then a tool was developed that would seek out and fix any data in the wrong collation.

After the database issues were fixed the new system was Migrated to the upgraded infrastructure.