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Migrating to Ember

Moving your existing Moodle site to Ember?

We will migrate your Moodle site to our servers, make any necessary domain changes, and upgrade it on our servers as part of the setup!


Moving your existing Moodle site to Ember? We will migrate your Moodle site to our servers, make any necessary domain changes, and upgrade it on our servers as part of the setup!

All of our hosting packages feature;

  • 100% Uptime Guaranteed
  • UK Servers (or other European countries upon request)
  • Migration of your Web Platform
  • Nightly Off-site Backup
  • Dedicated Connections
  • Use of your own Domain Name

Shared Hosting
Virtual Private Server (VPS)
Dedicated Server
100% uptime guaranteed
UK Servers (or other European countries upon request)
Migration of your web platform
Nightly off-site backup
Dedicated connections
Use of your own Domain name
Root level access to server

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting solutions offer the most cost effective way of owning and running your own web platform without having to worry about the underlying server technology.

The server is housed, maintained, and backed-up automatically so you never have to worry about the technical stuff.

Your are provided with a web platform dedicated and branded to your organisation with full admin level access to the web platform software, enabling you to customise and configure the environment to your own tastes.

Shared hosting is best suited to small scale projects such as a Moodle site with around 10 courses and less than 25 concurrent users. Any package installations and configuration changes to the servers need to be carried out by Ember Platforms.

Setup: £100

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS hosting provides you with a fully scalable and customisable server for your web platform or online application. You have the option of taking full control of the server (with root privileges) or just the web application level on our Managed Hosting package and have the VPS looked after for you.

Options for VPS include;

  • You prefered web platform pre-installed
  • A managed migration from another system
  • Or you can take control of the server and install the system from the ground up yourself

VPS is best suited to medium scale web platforms, but are very easy to scale up at a later date. Typically you can start out with up to 250 users on a reasonably busy site and scale the hardware to your needs as you grow.

Setup: £250

Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers offer all the benefits of on-site hosting without the worry of hosting your own server. A server is set up and hosted by Ember Platforms that you are free to use as you wish, or have us carry out the initial configuration and integration of the web platform(s) of your choice.

Dedicated servers offer a fixed level of hardware resources that are 100% dedicated to your web platform. The growth of your platform is not restricted though, as there is always the option of migrating to a larger server, or provisioning others to give your project a boost.

Dedicated server hosting can be tailored to fit any requirement from a single server providing a guaranteed level of service, up to multiple front end web and back end database servers.

Setup and monthly cost: On application


Ember provides SLA to University of Nottingham
The University of Nottingham trust Ember Platforms with their Service Level Agreement that ensures any issues with their Moodle platform (one of the largest in the world) are addressed quickly and effectively.


If it’s help on a large project, a problem to be fixed, or you want to know your web application is working as it should, Ember Platforms have it covered.

Ember Platforms offer comprehensive flat-rate Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to cover your organization's web platform in the event of any errors or failure. We commit to starting work on your problem within 4 hours of a call being raised, but response times are usually instant.

We have never encountered an issue with a web platform that we could not resolve, often taking over an issue that other companies had already tried to analyse, and failed.

In an effort to pre-empt failures we also offer a health check service for your web platform where every possible point of failure is analysed and reported on. We can also offer to deploy monitoring platforms, such as Nagios to your environment, enabling metrics on utilisation to be collected, and automated alerts to be sent in the event of an anomaly.

University of Nottingham, Stourbridge College, and others have counted Ember Platforms to fix problems as diverse as database problems, server storage, authentication, and network connectivity.



Ember Platforms are not a generalised IT services company, we specialise in established web platforms like Moodle, Joomla and Drupal as well as bespoke online application development.

We know a lot about online applications.

  • Scoping
  • Scaling
  • Costing
  • Product Evaluations, Comparisons and Demonstrations
  • System Design and Production


  • Large Scale Deployment of Web Platforms
  • Plugin and Theme Development
  • Web platform Extension and Integration
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Servers and Infrastructure

Ember Platforms have been consulted in the design, development and deployment phases of huge web platform projects from plugin and workflow to server infrastructure design and deployment.

We have also undertaken projects to troubleshoot performance issues in large web platforms resulting in the formulation of new system designs, orchestrating upgrades, and modifying stock code to cope with huge user numbers

If you're thinking about acquiring a web platform, or altering / extending your current application, Ember Platforms will ensure the project will not fail.



  • Costing
  • Selecting the Correct Web Platform
  • Scoping Hardware / Software Requirements
  • System Design
  • Infrastructure Installation and Integration

Ember Platforms have carried out a wide range of web platform installations on huge scales within very challenging environments and time constraints. Some of our customers have required web platforms spread across tens of servers with load balanced front ends connecting to multiple database servers.

We can manage every step of the installation process on your behalf, from platform selection, through hardware sourcing and setup, to integration; leaving your organisation with a web platform that exactly meets the brief.

Integration with other systems is as important to get right as the installation itself. We have integrated all sorts of web platforms with systems such as;

  • Custom and off the shelf staff and student records systems
  • Human resources software
  • LDAP / Active Directory and other authentication systems
  • Existing repositories / databases of user, course and costing information
  • Monitoring system such as Nagios / Fluke / New Relic


Performance and Optimisation

On a number of occasions Ember Platforms have been asked to specifically focus on performance of large web platforms and through this work we have gained a lot of experience in the field.

We have undertaken work to troubleshoot new performance issues affecting a previously well performing application, analyse a platform to identify bottlenecks, or to react to sharp increases in user numbers or uptake.

We are well experienced at deploying market proved monitoring solutions to continually monitor and log metrics from the web platform. After analysing the data logged, we are able to provide you with a detailed report outlining the slowest performing aspects of the system.

In past projects we have been able to identify and remedy performance issues arising from;

  • Poor server topology
  • Network connectivity
  • Poor software configuration
  • Software versioning
  • Slow Queries
  • Page optimisation
  • System design and code errors in servers, plugins and extensions


High Availability

High availability offers many benefits such as;

  • Cope with server or infrastructure failures and continue service
  • The opportunity to expand without outages
  • Distribute your web platforms content geographically enabling faster access for users
  • Distribute server and network loading

Ember Platforms have gained vast experience in designing both server infrastructure and web applications from the ground up, to be highly available and scalable without outage. We have also worked extensively on projects converting incumbent web platforms from running on a single or handful of servers to be highly geographically and logically distributed.

Past consultancy projects have enabled us to gain the knowledge needed to install, configure and integrate web server load balancing technologies, and combinations of Master-Slave database configurations to eliminate single points of failure.